South Carolina's

Annual Emergency



March 1-6, 2020

Marriott Resort & Spa at Grand Dunes

Myrtle Beach, SC


SCEMA is currently conducting a “Call for Speakers” from October 1 - 31 at 5pm EDT. This is an opportunity for professionals in public safety and emergency management to submit a proposal to share expertise and best practices with peers during breakout sessions at the annual workshop.

After evaluating all proposals, the workshop committee may reach out with questions about proposals to enable further vetting. We’ll also invite experts and accomplished professionals to lead keynote sessions or participate in panels during our general sessions.

If you are selected as a speaker, you’ll receive complimentary admission to the workshop. Speakers will also receive recognition on the SCEMA website and in our event promotional materials.

The SCEMA workshop includes a combination of general emergency management talks and breakout sessions for more specific training.


Your topic does not have to be on this list, but topics like these may be a good fit for our participants. Keep in mind that the SCEMA audience is professionals in emergency management that represent law enforcement, fire services, EMS, dispatch, education, healthcare providers and other non-governmental organizations.


  • Managing social media coming from citizens during a crisis

  • Multilingual outreach for emergency management

  • Grant writing basics

  • Using GIS during response efforts

  • Mass casualty response

  • AAR and IP basics

  • Tools and techniques to engage your community

  • New technologies in public safety

  • College & University Event Coordination and Response

  • Social Media for Emergency Response & Recovery

  • Working with VOADs and managing volunteers

  • WMD/Terrorism Awareness

  • HazMat Response lessons learned

  • Accessible messages for the special needs community

  • CERT training and community engagement

  • Critical Incident Stress Management

  • How to involve the private sector during a disaster

  • COOP and COG – How to keep things running

  • UAS for Disaster Preparedness & Response

  • Managing donated goods

  • How to get your governmental leaders involved in Emergency Management

  • Organizing documentation for FEMA reimbursements

  • Healthcare integration in drills and exercises

  • Opening and running a shelter for dummies

  • The future of Emergency Management

  • Developing “Blue Sky” relationships

  • Cybersecurity & hacking protection for government and healthcare organizations

  • How to use scanner jockeys for situational awareness

  • Going live on video – making video a regular part of your communications plan



Remember to put SCEMA attendees at the center of what you plan to teach. Great sessions are NOT about you, they are about what you can teach attendees.

If you propose a “case study,” spend time focusing on concrete steps for what exactly organizations need to do supported by the lessons you learned from your situation. Lessons learned from major incidents are a valuable tool that can assist others who may face similar situations, but be sure to focus on specific techniques you used to affect positive outcomes.

“High level” overviews aren’t as desirable for participants as sessions that dive deep into very specific topics. Our attendees have an emergency management background and are familiar with emergency procedures and standard operating protocols. Your presentation should stimulate an “a-ha” or “lightbulb” moment and provide takeaways that will inspire them to implement these actions when they get back to their home organizations. Think, “Learn it today, use it tomorrow.”

Don’t be vague in your session title and description. We want you to be VERY specific. What SPECIFIC platform, technique, strategy, etc. will you be covering in depth? What sets your proposal apart from what others may be currently doing in emergency management?

Attendees love hands-on training sessions that teach them how to do something. We encourage you to show participants as opposed to simply explaining how you did something. By all means, please consider doing a demonstration for your session.

Finally, HAVE FUN! Our attendees have taken time away from their busy schedules to learn from their peers. Nobody wants to sit in a session like the famous economics class in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off only to hear the teacher drone on about the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act. Use your imagination, be animated and most importantly, leave your audience hungry for more.

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