President's Welcome

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Once again I want to thank you for electing me as your President!


Our membership has endured a difficult time during this pandemic. We have all been deeply affected not only professionally but personally as well. However, I feel we have risen to the challenge and gained invaluable knowledge and experience.


As the number of disasters continue to increase and our profession is taxed again and again, I would like to see our association grow as an invaluable resource. Building those relationships and expanding our network so we are better able to support each other when we face the next event. I welcome you to volunteer for our committees and broaden our group. I also challenge you to encourage new membership among your colleagues.

As my Presidency begins, I would like to ask our membership to reach out to me with suggestions and feedback at I look forward to working with you all and serving this association. It is an honor and I am committed to putting in the work to continue to grow our association and profession.

Kristy D. Burch, President

Meet Our Executive Officers

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Kristy Burch


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Erik Hayes

Past President 2021 - 2023

Kimberly Bailey


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Brandon Ellis

President Elect 2021 - 2023

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Kimberly Shiverdecker


Strategic Plan



Members include: Josh Morton, Mike Bedenbaugh, Eddie Murphy, and Carissa Medeires


Members include: Louis Walter, Steven Batson, David Zeoli, Tom Dunn, and Cindy Grace

Legislative/58.1 Review

Members include: Doug Bryson, Kim Stenson, Scott Krein, and Jason Patno

Media and Technology

Members include: Derrec Becker, Kimberly McLeod, Stephen Combs


Members include: David Zeoli, Randy Webster, and Kim Stenson

Caucus Groups

College & University Affairs

Members include: William Winn, Tom Russo, Maz Learner, Rodney Boyd, and Lynn Fisher

K-12 Schools

Members include: Alan Walters, David Beaty, Chuck Earles, Mike Taylor, Kevin Wren, Mike Miller, Tim Knight, Mike Poole, David Grissom, and Chris Ellisor

Public Health

Members include: Leslie Osborne, Erik Simensen, Jay Daniels, Jim Walker, Jessica Joseph, Doug Warren, and Wendy Lee