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Welcome to the 2016 Workshop…Rise Above Rivers of Response and Recovery. This year we hope to expand on the sharing of ideas and knowledge growth from the expertise in our sessions. We certainly hope that the workshop will be all that you expect and more. We also hope that you take this opportunity to make new connections and renew old acquaintances for discussions and exchange of many experiences, suggestions and opinions. Our objective for this year is to continue to move our association forward and garner additional skill sets from the experiences presented. These lessons learned help us at home so we are able to implement them for safer cities and communities, schools and universities, hospitals and workplaces. We are very excited to be so fortunate to have a wonderful group of knowledgeable speakers in their respective fields for our 2016 workshop.

This year our workshop will be held at Embassy Suites on Kingston Plantation, Myrtle Beach on February 29th through March 3rd.